Seeing him again

John 16:20-23

“But I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you. On that day you will not question me about anything.”

Too many poor decisions based on worldly ambitions that led to dead ends. What I read and learn as I get older I’m amazed at knowing that but by your grace I am here. That I have a family who loves me. I see you in so many people with my eyes opened, my heart exposed to pour out your love for others. It is a joy, a time to rejoice when I can take an action and have it reflect back to what you gave me from the witness of many saints, your Mother, and you yourself my Lord.

How often Lord does my heart hurt from someone taking something from me. So many days ago in my youth, my teenage years and in dating, my first marriage that fell apart, division in the family, death of my husband. I have fear, I try to stuff it down but it often comes back up. You know this. I say I will trust you and then I start panicking.

“You will see me again.” I saw you at my baptism although I was too young to tell anyone. You gave me the gift of your Holy Spirit, the gift your promised you would send. For a while I honored that gift, protected by it to live a life of faithfulness. But later the enticement of worldly passions, possessions and power came into view and I was taken away from you by them. I know you never forgot me, never let me run too far…. I know this because I can look back and say many times, but by the grace of God go I.

So I believe you when you say “no one will take your joy away from you.” And in this I trust. Because you have the words to everlasting life. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, you are the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you.

About Cathy Trowbridge

A faith-led people-person, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, great- grandmother and friend, I am a Catholic Christian striving to union with our Lord. I hope to bring you encouragement to live a closer relationship with Christ, discerning direction in the path to Him, with Him and in Him.
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