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Thanks for stopping by my blog.

You know when you get a message once, twice, three times and you finally stop long enough to say to yourself, hey, wait a minute, where is that coming from?

I’ve had a burning desire to write and share my thoughts on this journey to our Lord for many years. At one time, I started to lead instead of letting God and had to abandon it. Now after many years of quiet and private reflection, he placed it safely back in my heart to write and share again. I still hesitated, holding on to fears from my past and telling myself I’m not good enough. Let me explain.

One reason was because I’m not a professional writer or theologian. I’m not in a high position or place of power or influence. There is also so much to read online and quite honestly, at this point in life after the pandemic, people aren’t embracing the computer life. We had an overload of it and may have to return to it for communication if things change in the future. So why would I bother to send it out? I was also concerned about what people would think. Will it look like I’m searching for approval, wanting to boost my esteem or draw attention?

Yes it could. I run the risk. I have to keep it in check. So why am I sending this link to you? Because not once, twice or three times but multiple times I’ve heard the Lord tell me it’s time to share. “If not you, then who?” Sharing the truth of the message of Jesus Christ and what he came to earth to do, for us, with us and in us should not be hidden. I hear our Lord calling me to no longer sit on the sidelines and keep my faith quiet and mostly to myself. His word is just as important today as when it was written two thousand plus years ago. It is so relevant for our times. And LIFE SAVING!

Will I alienate myself from some because I have chosen to speak my heart out loud? Probably. But there is much I have learned in the fourteen years since I came back into the church. My growth has been by leaps and bounds, in downfalls and triumphs, joys and sorrows. But this I know: Christ is my foundation, the reason for my hope and my path to happiness and freedom. Neither man nor this world can fill the ache in my heart that Christ does in the way of knowing I am loved. It is a fact that without a doubt I will leave this world sometime in the next forty years. God knows when and how. But in the meantime, I am preparing my heart and soul to be received into His eternal kingdom when that time comes. I look forward to a place where life will not have trials but pure joy. And I choose to suffer through these days in a less than perfect place, but with the proclamation of his kingdom to come.

How do I do this? Living life as close to him as I can while living in this world. The emphasis of my blog is of daily scripture; it is from daily mental prayer that I write. The scripture is taken from the Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church, which covers the bible in two years time. I pray I can be faithful to sharing as often as I can. No, I don’t have a theology degree. And you may find my writing style poor, with errors or hard to read – sorry. I’m just not waiting until I can produce it perfectly to share. I am simply wanting to share my walk with Christ and invite anyone to walk with me. No comments on the blog posts are ever necessary – unless you feel moved to share too! But ponder his word. May this be your invitation to let the Holy Spirit guide you to begin discerning direction in the journey he intends for you.

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Your Author, Cathy Ann Trowbridge

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for inviting me Cathy. I applaud your efforts and look forward to dropping in now and again. Be bold, my Sister in Christ!


  2. Chris says:

    Cathy, I am looking forward to hearing more of your testimony through your blog. You know that I have admired your wisdom and delivery related to God’s message since your facilitation of Saint Faustina and the divine mercy chaplet. It changed my life and added richness for which I am truly grateful my friend. I look forward to reading your future thoughts and observations. Thank you and God love you.

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  3. Denise Stauffer says:

    Cathy, thank you very much for inviting me. Your blog is very refreshing and uplifting. I’m one of those who is enmeshed in technology because I have been working from home since mid March and there is no end in sight or date of returning to normal engagement. By the time I’ve sat in multiple Zoom meetings each week, I’m tired of technology. I’m now only skimming Facebook and going to church virtually. Your blog is something different and touched my heart. I look forward to reading more from you. Blessings, Denise Stauffer.


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